3 Spots to Visit in the Woodlands, TX

When visiting an unfamiliar place, whether, for business or pleasure. It is always better to explore the local entertainment scene and learn what you can do to stay fully engaged. The Woodlands,TX has entertainment for everyone and is now rightly considered as an artistic hub of the Houston metro area. There are a number of spots to visit in this neighborhood if you are interested in live music, theatre, or some great nightlife. Boasting many restaurants, parks, outdoor arenas, and unique boutiques, you will find that visiting The Woodlands will be a pleasant experience. Here are some great ways to stay entertained as you make your way around The Woodlands:
1. Portofino Shopping Center

With all of the amazing shopping, restaurants, and entertainment options throughout The Woodlands, it’s hard to choose which spots to visit. If you are in the mood to do some shopping, consider stopping by the Portofino Shopping Center. Set in a Mediterranean-style, this outdoor shopping center is a local favorite as it houses popular retailers from around the world.

The mall is home to stores like Old Navy, DSW Shoes, and a Five Below, as well as a number of great restaurants. The area features a large central market plaza as well as a variety of individual shops and restaurants for you to dine in. A relaxing sight to behold is the unique basalt fountain at Portofino in The Woodlands, Texas. The pond-like structure featuring various basalt markings is the main artistic attraction at the mall. You will notice patrons leisurely seating themselves on the benches around the fountain and enjoying the cooling mists coming from the water.

2. Waterway Square

Another popular shopping and dining area in The Woodlands in Texas is Waterway Square, which is also located on Lake Woodlands at the intersection of Interstate Highway 45 and Lake Woodlands Drive. Like in Portofino Shopping Center, Waterway Square is home to a number of popular retailers and restaurants. These include stores like Nordstrom Rack, Urban Outfitters, and Bath & Body Works.

What better way to get relaxation than to enjoy a meal at one of the area’s popular restaurants? The area is home to several eateries, including Mahoney’s, Peli Peli South African Kitchen, The Goose’s Acre, and Sorriso Modern Italian Kitchen. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, visit Nestlé Toll House Café by Chip, which serves up fresh-baked cookies and other tasty snacks and desserts. This is a great gathering spot for both friends and families, as they can enjoy the ambiance of the facility as well as the pleasant weather.
For patrons who appreciate a more peaceful and relaxing setting, a stroll around the small outdoor shops and a stop at the faux waterfall located in the center of the complex would be a great idea.

3. George Mitchell Nature Preserve

Nowhere else in Texas can you be assured of a more pleasant hike than in The Woodlands. The George Mitchell Nature Preserve is located on the southern edge of The Woodlands and is considered a major tourist attraction among locals and visitors alike.
On October 19th, 2007, the George Mitchell Nature Preserve officially opened to the public. This 1,800-acre preserve is a great outdoor space to explore and offers views of a variety of plant life and natural wildlife. Walk along a meandering nature trail or sit on a large deck overlooking the small lakes and ponds to escape to nature while enjoying the peaceful tranquility the natural surroundings provide.
While here, make sure that you visit the Bedias Lake Paths and the A 2-mile main hiking trail loop, which is considered a must-do when visiting this Nature Preserve.

Precautionary Measures to Consider When Visiting Woodlands, TX During the COVID Pandemic-19

COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of business and personal life. Besides curfews and travel bans, several precautions and safety guidelines have also been recommended to protect your health during these uncertain times. You are advised to stay in as much as possible at this time so that you remain safe and protected from the virus. Remember, the best way to do that is to practice social distancing. If you are still considering visiting The Woodlands, there are several precautionary measures that you must take to prepare for the trip.

1. Keep Hand Sanitizer with You
Hand sanitizers are regarded as a must-have tool to keep your health protected during this time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that you use hand sanitizer at all times when you are outside. This way, if you happen to touch anything contaminated, you have a chance to protect yourself.

2. Avoid Sneezes
It is always advised to keep your face covered and protected if you come in contact with people who might have the virus. You should also avoid sneezing in public. If you sneeze, do it in a handkerchief or tissue, and then dispose of it properly.

3. Consider Wearing Masks
While a mask may not be the most comfortable accessory, it is one of the best ways you can protect yourself. They are equipped with filters, which help prevent the discharge of the harmful virus into the air, also prevent you from picking up those germs from that could make you sick.

4. Adopt Social Distancing Measures
Woodlands is a popular destination, so it’s obvious for you to come in contact with other people while here. This is the reason why social distancing is a must. The main areas to keep a distance from other people would be public transportation, cinemas, and other public venues. Opt for small shopping centers and restaurants; your safety should be the first thing on your mind. It is alright to be aloof in the line at the restaurant, but try to get there in the afternoon so that you skip the morning rush.
The Woodlands gives you an opportunity to escape the bustle of big cities and get to know the peaceful side of life. Make your way to this lovely getaway in Texas, where you can explore the natural scenery, enjoy live music, and get fulfillment in meeting new people and friends. Explore the various entertainment options offered here and spend quality leisure time with your family and friends, while also relaxing and rejuvenating yourself.