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Veteran Electric prepared exclusive FAQ list.Our callers and customers keep asking them. The answers will save your time making educated decision.

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In this list you will find common questions that might be on your mind before you hire us.

Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes in many cases.Call us for your specific situation.

Do you provide emergency electrical services?

Yes we do. Addtional fees might be applied. Call us to discuss the emergency.

Do you send a licesned electrician?

Yes regardless of the call or potentail service.

Do you sell and install standby backup generators?

Yes, we do. When you searched for who installs Generac generators near me and found us. It’s because we do. We can buy a generator for you with a transfer switch and add this price to the total bill with electrical work involved in the installation and calculation. Alternatively, you can buy a unit yourself and we will bill you only for installation and materials needed to complete the project.

Do I need an electrician to install a transfer switch for a standby generator?

Yes, you do. Unless you have sufficient training working with electricity. Watching Youtube videos how-to isn’t sufficient training. When you searched for who installs an automatic transfer switch and found us. It’s because we do install them.

How much does an electrician charge to install a generator transfer switch?  Usually, around 300-600$ location, size, accessibility directly affects the final estimate.

Which is better transfer switch or interlock?  A transfer switch limits the total number of circuits available for use by providing a single set point at each breaker location. An interlock kit allows you to control multiple sets points using one device. In practice, however, this isn’t necessarily true; the size of the generator does need to be adjusted for the load. Otherwise, the risk exists to overload the standby generator rated capacity.

We can buy a generator transfer switch or interlock for you and add this price to the total bill with electrical work involved in the installation. Alternatively, you buy a part yourself and we will bill you only for installation and materials needed to complete the project.

Do I have to push any button to turn the generator on?

Automatic transfer switches for Generac generators allow them to be used without having to manually switch power from one circuit to another. When there’s an outage at your house, the backup generators will start up automatically.

What do I have to do to make the generator to work?

After installing the generator, homeowners don’t need anything else to get started using their new power source. Regular maintenance includes having an oil change every year by a certified technician.

Does whole home backup generator turn on automatically?

Yes. A transfer switch monitors the power coming into the house from the grid. Automatic transfer switches between electricity and gas for use by appliances, bulbs, equipment, etc. When there isn’t enough electricity available through a normal electrical grid supply.

How do I know the gas backup generator is working?

Once every seven days, the generator checks itself and runs briefly for 10 minutes. To ensure the Generac generator is working properly, run the Test Generator function once before using it for any serious applications. Generac generator installers like Veteran Electric set up an automatic schedule so that every time you log into our system, the tests start running automatically.

How much does a gas backup generator cost to operate?

They run on either natural gas or liquid petroleum (propane). The cost depends directly on how many home appliances, lighting fixtures, and heating and air conditioning units you own as well as the price of natural gas or electricity when you bought them. 22kW unit working at full capacity will consume more gas than a partial home backup unit at 10 kW capacity.

How long will the standby generator run?

A properly maintained backup generator will run even if there isn’t any natural gas or propane available. Running the Generac generator on propane requires a lot of fuel. It should be able to run continuously 24/7 for at least one week. Without any issues on around 500 gallons LPG tank for example.

How loud are standby gas units?

Generators from Generac are quite loud. At a 1-yard backup generator, an average produces 65 decibels. That sounds like an air conditioner running or a telephone ringing.

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