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Generac Generators are among the most reliable backup power generators on the USA market today. From small businesses to homeowners in United States, people rely on them for power in case of a blackout. They have a wide variety of products that can suit your needs whether you have an RV or want a smaller generator to back up the major appliances and a couple of lights or the whole house generator 22Kw unit. The sizing process is professional and smooth to assist you selecting mobile generators, home standby or portable generator sales  will be done with highest standards and values. The warranty gives you piece of mind and Generac chore parts for repair and maintenance after installation. Consumer dealer locator is priceless to save your time. Based on our vast interaction with Generac recall information service is fast. As long as global logistics don’t have bottle neck to deliver parts to home backup retailers rapidly . Spec sheets mobile App helps to order products parts based on model when we need to perform generator repair.

This article from a Master Electrician with over 25 years of experience will help to provide valuable insights. In addition, it will detail all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing one of this standby gas generator. They run on natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel to produce electricity using a transfer switch installation to energize your home or office circuits. We focus on gas units. Generac provides  customers support ,comprehensive manuals and factory-services dealer residential or commercial in TX. From blogs you can learn a lot about hurricane preparedness . We like  installation partner programs for distributor, repair  as business solutions. Quote is smooth and detailed that meet our need to serve our customers in Montgomery County and Harris County, TX.

The headquarter is in Wisconsin, the USA so as manufacturing facilities. Where to buy a generator either portable or for the whole house isn’t a problem. Who can professionally install it is. Keep reading to learn and educate yourself on a backup generator to make a decision why hire nearest Generac dealers  to get installed Generac cost.


How Big Generator  Do I  Need? 


Generally, homeowners can keep the most critical household equipment running with a generator rated 5,000 to 7,500 watts. These wattage levels can support the operation of good pumps, kitchen appliances, and lighting circuits. We also have FAQS page with great answers. 

One of the most effective ways to ensure the backup generator meets your needs is making sure it has enough backup power output, which gets measured in watts. 

For example, small generators used for camping output 1000 to 300 watts, whereas those used for homes and construction sites can generate more than 10000 watts. This high amount of wattage is enough to run critical household appliances or power heavy-duty electrical tools.

The best way to figure out the size of the backup generator you need is by calculating how much wattage is required. Here is a step-by-step guide. 

Create a list of the devices you want to keep running in your home in case of an outage. Be sure to add critical appliances such as your refrigerator, stovetop, HVAC system, and lighting!

Calculate the total wattage needed by all of these components to run at optimal levels. 

It’s worth noting there are two important figures – first, the starting watts. Starting watts are the power needed by the appliance to power up the major appliances. The second is running watts. Running watts is the amount of energy necessary to run after the component initially turns on.

For example, a standard 10,000 BTU air conditioner requires 2,200 starting watts to switch on. After this initial startup phase, the energy demand reduces to a constant supply of 1,500 running wattage to stay operational. When choosing a backup generator, portable generator, or natural gas generator, pay attention to both numbers.

A portable generator with 2,200 starting watts and 1,800 running watts could run the 10,000 BTU AC in the above example. 

However, a backup generator with 2,000 starting watts and 1,600 running watts may not be sufficient to backup power to the machine due to its high starting wattage requirement. The wattage provided by this generator is not large enough.

If in doubt, choosing emergency generators that are slightly larger than your anticipated needs can accommodate for any oversights or increased power needs you didn’t initially expect. 

When looking for a Generac generator installer, it’s better to ask if you need to purchase one that is slightly larger than you think is necessary rather than end up with too little capacity. Extra power is critical for generators because operating a generator at total capacity can significantly shorten its lifespan.

Another consideration is that a generator running at or near 100% capacity will be much louder than one not running at maximum level. If you have a smaller home, this extra noise level can be bothersome and a nuisance. 

For example, if your power requirements are around 1600 running watts, you should get an automatic standby generator with about 1800 rated wattage. By doing so, you can help to ensure you have the extra standby power if you need it.
Whole home generator cost from local certified electrician.


Site Selection for Standby Backup Generator

When choosing a location for your generator, make sure to place it in a stable area with good drainage. By doing so, you can help to reduce the likelihood of flooding that can damage the generator. Also, remember to keep the generator at least 3 feet away from any utility meters, air conditioning units, flammable material, or serviceable components. These same guidelines apply to commercial customers. After Generac generator installed you guessed it right. The correction bill will be hefty if your 

Also worth noting, you’ll want to install the backup generator as close as possible to the electric meter and the natural gas supply line to keep installation costs lower. Great feature Generac manufacture has is mobile link.


How Do Generac Backup  Gas Generators Work?

Home backup generators will turn on automatically when it senses power has been cut and deliver backup electricity to your home. This investment in the safety and comfort of your home operates using either liquid propane or natural gas. Often, it looks similar to a central air conditioning unit. 

Home backup generators provide power to your entire home or all the necessary items in a planned or unexpected power outage. Generac offers the technology for owners to monitor the status of their generators without needing to be there in person. Free Mobile Link connects directly with your tablet, smartphone, or another internet-enabled device for wireless monitoring and management of your electrical system.

Home backup Generac generators turn on automatically and provide power during a power outage to keep your lights, TV, and other devices running. The generator will operate for as long as needed, whether for two hours or two weeks, as long there’s fuel, such as liquid propane, available to use.


Find A Generac Backup Whole Home Generator Installation Dealer 


Veteran Electric Inc is an expert in home emergency power and electrical services. We are conveniently located to reach our local customers fast. Sometimes we book for the whole week or more. We recommend booking us in advance. We will find the best possible position to install your Generac standby generator quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively. We provide no-obligation, competitive quotes, including all parts and labor. We ask that you reach out to get your free quote to find the correct size generator for your needs. Then, if you decide to purchase solar generators or backup power generators, installation companies make the process quick and straightforward. 

While the exact details of your custom Generac home generator installation may vary, here is a general overview of the installation process. If you still look for who sells and installs Generac generators near me.

Typically, generators can get installed in one day. However, homeowners must consider cost factors including material costs, fuel storage needs, generator battery costs, generator costs, power capacity, fuel tank costs, the square foot of the home, the number of essential appliances, gas line installation requirements, the threat of severe weather, gas meter installation, the location of gas lines, utility lines, electrical panels, and circuit breakers for actual project costs.


Generator Installers and Installation


Preparing the site before installing your generator is vital. Usually, installing a poured concrete slab or pea gravel is needed to stabilize the ground in preparation for the pad. In Sothern Texas, the soil is swampy and moves often.

In addition to local ordinances, there are also manufacturer regulations that you should be following. For example, most manufacturers will state that your generator should always get placed outside and at least five feet from windows or entrances. Additionally, there shouldn’t be any exposure to flammable liquids. Building codes may also come into play.

Your professional installer will ensure the Generac is in an appropriate location that meets all regulations and guidelines. You don’t have any clearance issues, and access to the generator is simple.


Making The Fuel and Electrical Connections 


Once the generator gets positioned, the automatic transfer switch gets installed beside the main breaker box. However, in some cases, this component may get replaced in its entirety. Though large generators are great for running your home’s entire power needs, they require fuel and wiring to reach them. Fuel lines need to get connected when the generator is in a remote location, from the breaker box that provides electricity to your home’s primary sources.

The Generac home backup generator runs fueled by natural gas or LP, so it’s vital to ensure you have these resources available for your generator to operate during outages.


Testing The System To Simulate a Power Outage


Upon complete installation, the installer will test the system by simulating an outage. This simulation helps ensure that the new generator and transfer switch work as intended during a power outage. The final step in getting your generator ready is running it for a weekly test run to ensure that everything remains in solid working order. It should be added to your regular generator maintenance schedule.


Seamless Operation


One of the most beneficial advantages of installing a Generac home backup generator is peace of mind knowing that you don’t even need to be close by to start, monitor, or stop operations. If the power goes off, the gasoline generators kick on automatically to provide alternative power to keep your home running. 


Southern Texas Whole House Generac Backup Generator Prices


On average, homeowners in Southern Texas can expect to pay between $6500 to $10000 for a 22Kw Whole house generator respectively. Including professional installation by a licensed and local electrician. You might need a 10Kw generator or a 24Kw  backup generator for your property. Give us a call to discuss your thoughts when and what capacity would fit your budget and desire. 

Home generators cost $3,200 at the lowest end to up to $6,300. Installing a whole-house Generac generator cost starts at about $3,100 and goes up from there. The cost of branded Generac generators is somewhere between $2,100 and $5,200 depending on the type of unit you purchase, without professional installation.


Why Choose Generac Generator Installation For Your Property 


To achieve customer satisfaction, we offer only the top brand, quality product, and equipment. With an operating history that spans over sixty years, Generac Power Systems is the leader in this product category. For these reasons, we exclusively sell Generac generators. Here are a number of the many reasons why we love installing Generac generators for customers in and around Southern Texas:


  • Generac Whole home generators use commercial-grade engines, which are smaller and quieter to operate.
  • Automatic self-test functions and simple controls make it easy to maintain.
  • Feature-rich units include mechanical transfer switches, cutoff switches, automatic switches, wireless controls, and other accessories. 
  • Intelligent uninterrupted power management for granular control of directing power to desired circuits.
  • A a five-year limited warranty is included, with extended coverage available for additional purchase.
  • Residential generators wiring diagram is easy to follow.
  • The availability of cold weather kits adds dependability and reliability in harsh weather conditions.



How Long Can A Backup Generator And Portable Models Run Without Stopping?


Manufacturers recommend running your standby generator for up to three weeks or 500 hours continuously. Portable generators can operate for 8 to 14 hours on a ½ power load and one tank of fuel. Ideally, this type of generator shouldn’t run longer than a continuous 24 hours cycle without a break.

While portable generators can come in handy for handling short power outages, they aren’t reliable for supplying uninterrupted power for extended or indefinite periods.

On the opposite, Generac generators connect directly to your home’s existing systems to provide extended emergency backup if the power goes off for any reason. In addition, the configuration automatically turns on if electricity gets lost from the utility company and can a power the entire home so long as fuel is available.


How Much Does It Cost To Run A Generator?


Installed home generators can be expensive to manage when it comes to power and fuel. For example, during extended power outages, fuel costs may run higher than $30 daily to run, which could be the equivalent of $3,000 – $15,000 liquid propane.

To minimize this expense, you should only use the generator if no other power source is available and the electricity isn’t running at all. In this use case scenario, running on test or standby mode or using only when an outage occurs, the expense drops significantly to less than $10 per month.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Generator?


While multiple factors can impact the overall expected lifespan, a Generac guardian can provide up to twenty years of service if maintained properly and operated under normal conditions. Failure to maintain the equipment and frequent use can significantly reduce the unit’s lifespan, so this is an investment that you’ll want to preserve. In addition, each new automatic unit includes a limited warranty, and extended warranty options can further protect the Generator or compact unit.

On average, a standby generator has an expected lifespan of 15 to 30 years, providing 10,000 to 30,000 hours of use with regular maintenance. 

Portable generators can serve as long as ten years, providing 2,000 to 5,000 hours of power. In addition, reputable brands offer limited warranties on whole house generators valid for 5 to 10 years, depending on the model. 


Portable Generators Vs. A Whole Property Generator 


When evaluating which type of power backup is best for your situation, having access to transfer switches is the key to keeping your structure powered. 

Unfortunately, a portable generator isn’t powerful enough to power an entire home for lengthy periods. However, most portable generators supply enough power to run small appliances and keep the lights running for a day or two, at most. 

Unlike  standby generators  as whole-home generators, portable generators connect with the home’s electrical panel using an interlock kit, limiting how the backup power gets distributed throughout the house. However, it isn’t powerful enough to keep HVAC systems, major appliances, and modern living conveniences until the utility grid gets fully restored.


What Can A Whole Home Generator Power?


A whole-home generator is powerful enough to power an entire home for lengthy periods up to 2-3 days on average. The  liquid cooled generator can run longer if power outage continues.  In some case when electricity in town is down. The gas supply might be off too. Some smart owners install a propane tank having no dependency  on City utilities.  It is an emergency power backup equipment that Generac generator dealers will install for you. Whole house generators are available as standby, portable, and hybrid models, which means they can be placed at the home or away from it if the need arises. Contact us today for Generac generator installed price quote.

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