The Next Big Thing In 2024 Smart Home Power – Leviton Smart Load Center Electrical Panel Installation 

These days, homeowners have more access than ever before to tools and technology that make life easier. With the significant adaptation of smart technology and smart devices in the home, the demand for stable and reliable electricity is imperative to keep everything operating as expected. 

To help homeowners with outdated electrical panel systems, Veteran Electric Inc is excited to announce that the company added Leviton  Load Center installation and repairs to their menu of electrical services emergency like 24 hours call and during regular hours offerings, including:  


  • Leviton breaker panel installation and repairs
  • Leviton load center installment and maintenance
  • Leviton smart breaker maintenance and installations
  • Leviton smart home panel installation and repairs
  • Leviton electrical panel services
  • Leviton smart circuit breaker 
  • Leviton panel repair and fitting
  • Leviton circuit Smart breakers with 200 AMP smart panels
  • The repair and installation of smart home electrical panel
Leviton smart load center with smart circuit breakers and internet connection

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Leviton Smart Electrical Panel?

Keeping the home working as efficiently as possible helps homeowners keep greater control over monthly energy bills, saving money. 

Vince Anderson says, “Not only does a smart home distribution panel improves overall efficiency and give homeowners greater control over their energy usage, Leviton products, and smart circuit breakers deliver exceptional GFCI circuit breaker protection.” Vince A. continued, “To ensure the highest safety, Leviton’s Smart electric box exceeds UL requirements. If ground-fault protection gets lost, users are locked out to prevent risks.”

Before introducing this first-of-a-kind circuit breaker technology, users added single smart plugs to the load center. With Leviton’s newest product offering, this step gets eliminated. The smart panel connects the user directly to cloud internet infrastructure for more control over the new Leviton smart electrical panel.

Homeowners can remotely monitor intelligently circuit breakers and electrical systems by downloading the “My Leviton” mobile application to their tablet or Smartphone or accessing the data on their desktop or laptop computer. Doing so provides a comprehensive overview of the electrical system status and streamlines troubleshooting any breaker issues. 

Leviton Smart Load Panel Handle Power  Surges Elegantly And Conveniently

Suppose an electrical emergency or unusual activity gets detected. In that case, users can shut down breakers remotely with a single tap on the corresponding power management My Leviton Load Center Smart Breaker application. Once shut down, any individual circuit breakers turned off using the Leviton Smart Circuit app must get turned back on manually at the smart breaker box to ensure homeowners’ highest safety and security level. 

“Leviton Load Center technology empowers X to provide valued clients with the fast installation of the most innovative and advanced circuit breaker panel currently available for the residential market,” Vince A stated. “With a simple design, our experienced contractors streamline the installation process so homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of Leviton smart circuits and energy-efficient electrical panels.”

“Once installed, our customers have commented how much they love the sleek design of the all-white circuit breaker box. The optional observational window makes that easier for homeowners to check rocker handles for their operational status. Easy to read LED indicators to provide AF/GF fault types when  AF/GF tripped.” 

Today’s homeowners can choose from Hydraulic Breakers or Thermal breakers. The most notable difference between these two Leviton Smart Load Center is how Leviton handles and reacts to electrical overloads in the circuits.

When working with Veteran Electric, customers can expect Award-Winning Leviton Load Center installation services with the option for a customized load center configuration. For example, individual branch loads, load center enclosure, and user contact surface installation.

Other options, such as voice control, 20-Circuit Outdoor Load Center enclosure, a 30-Circuit Indoor Load center Enclosure, and UL Safety Standards3 Optional Wi-Fi, extend functionality and benefits for homeowners who choose this Industry-First Circuit Breaker technology to power homes. Optional internet connectivity extends the range of capabilities available to homeowners.

A convenient Single-app control provides comprehensive energy management control for overseeing power consumption, load devices, system status, and load center activities that impact energy draw and electrical use provides further ownership benefits.

Based on usage information, homeowners can make more informed decisions about how to utilize energy consumption. It can help identify energy bottlenecks and inefficient appliances to address issues and optimize properties for increased efficiency.

Manage Home Smart Devices Connecting Them Into the Leviton Smart Electrical Panel 

According to recent statistics, the average household in the United States has 11 connected smart devices. While mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers are most common, other smart products such as CCTV security systems, intelligent appliances, Wi-Fi streaming devices, and Bluetooth wireless technology are growing in popularity.

Installing a Leviton Load Center is a streamlined solution for anyone who wants to upgrade to the next generation of electrical management for greater control over the current environment and protects the circuits and the investments that already have been put into the property. 

Wi-fi capabilities empower homeowners to stay connected inside homes for management. Further, Leviton Load Center installation services offer lockout technology, firmware updates, ground-fault and dual-function circuit breakers, and circuit breaker status. These smart features assist in elegantly handling critical loads, providing greater peace of mind, no matter whether home or away.

Modernize House With A Leviton Load Center Installed By Veteran Electric Inc

When constructing a new home or retrofitting an existing residential structure in Spring Texas, the Veteran Electric Inc professional electricians are happy to assist with Leviton Load Center installation services.

“Veteran Electric Inc is really excited to add Leviton Load Center installation to our broad range of electrical service offerings to meet the changing needs of today’s modern homeowner. Veteran Electric Inc understands as the world “goes faster” than ever before, people want products and services that add value to the environment and quality of life. And, Veteran Electric Inc is thrilled for the opportunity to provide such rising in-demand electrical service to our future customers.” said Vince A.

For more information on Leviton Smart load electrical panel installation or repair services in Houston and surrounding areas, please reach out to the electricians and electrical experts at Veteran Electric Inc to get a free, no-obligation quote on services today. With 10 years of experience, loyal service to our customers, our certified electricians are eager to help local families to fit the new technology into the home to meet current and future needs.