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As the world adjusts to the new normal, outdoor dining is becoming more and more important. As such, the equipment and products that serve to make outdoor dining more pleasurable are also becoming more and more important. This, of course, includes patio umbrellas.

Cool-Off is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of patio umbrellas in the United States. We are proud to have worked with restaurant owners all over the country to help them provide their guests with the most pleasant outdoor dining experience possible. As you will see below, every restaurant umbrella we stock is made from the highest quality materials and serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. Each is affordable, effective, and reliable, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is finding the one that’s right for you. Don’t worry, this article will help you with that decision!

Here is our ultimate patio umbrellas buying guide.

Giant Squares

If your restaurant has a large outdoor dining area, the Giant Squares restaurant umbrella may be the best option for you. As its name suggests, this umbrella features an extremely large canopy that is big enough to cover multiple tables at once. The umbrella’s stainless steel alignment frame ensures the canopy is held firmly in place and eradicates the risk of rusting and other problems one might expect from a lesser-quality alternative. The canopy fabric is available in 20 different colors and is resistant to tears and stains. Waterproofing is available upon request, as is four-color screen printing and LED lighting.

Shademaker Polaris 340RT

The Shademaker Polaris 340RT is one of the best cantilever umbrellas in 2021. Much of the umbrella’s popularity stems from its versatility, as it can be used in commercial and residential settings alike. Restaurant owners who choose the Shademaker Polaris 340RT for their outdoor dining areas are often motivated by the umbrella’s simple design, which grants diners maximum table space without compromising protection from the elements. Additionally, this umbrella boasts eight locking positions, a built-in light adapter, and 360-degree rotation.

Custom Rectangular Umbrella

Our custom rectangular umbrellas are some of the best patio umbrellas for your backyard. However, they can also prove incredibly useful in a commercial setting. Because each of our rectangular umbrellas is made to measure, you can ensure your order is perfectly in scale with the table or tables you intend to pair it with. This makes the custom rectangular umbrella a popular choice among small restaurant owners, who don’t have need for the many larger models which tend to dominate the restaurant umbrella market. Along with the size of the umbrella, you can customize the color of your canopy to suit the color scheme of your outdoor dining area. We have more than 20 colored fabrics to choose from, all of which are water and stain resistant. Heavy-duty waterproofing can also be added, as can LED lighting.

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