Electrical Services Calgary

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Electrical Services Calgary

Residential and commercial buildings depend on electricity to support modern-day life. At Ampt Over Electric, we provide comprehensive electrical services in Calgary from installation to repair to replacement. We serve home and commercial building owners who need to upgrade, improve, or repair their electrical systems. Our electricians are certified and extensively trained with experience offering professional electrical services in Calgary. When you enlist our services, we’ll provide the electrical solutions you require to keep your property functioning and safe.

Our Electrical Services

As one of the top-rated electrician companies in Calgary, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Residential Electric

At Ampt Over Electric, we’re your go-to Calgary electrical contractors for all your residential electrical needs. We’re skilled and trained to offer second to none electrical services, including surge protection, lighting, rewiring, and more.

  • Commercial Electric

We have the equipment, expertise, and manpower to handle the unique electrical demands of commercial properties. With the best electricians in Calgary AB, we offer unbeaten commercial electrical services for projects of any scope or size. You’ll find a range of solutions from traditional wiring to lighting to LED downlights and more.

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades

Modern-day appliances can put a strain on older electrical systems. If your electrical system seems to be struggling to keep up with your electrical needs, we can help you replace your older panel. With an upgrade, your energy consumption will be adequately catered to.

  • Hot Tub Electrical

What better to unwind at the end of a long day than to soak in your tub. That said, electricity and water are a potentially dangerous combination. As such, you need to ensure our accredited electrician near Calgary does the wiring to guarantee your safety. Rest assured, with our expertise, your hot tub will be reliable, safe, and operate as per the electrical codes.

  • Tesla Charger Installation

An electric car comes with all the modern conveniences, but even better, it’s an environmentally friendly option for smart consumers. To take the experience of an electric vehicle to the next level, contact us to install an electric charging station in your home.

At Ampt Over Electric, we provide premier Tesla charger installation services in Calgary with a focus on convenience and quality. Installing a Tesla charger will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also cut your charging costs by offering the flexibility to charge your car conveniently.

  • Aluminum Wiring

No doubt, electricity allows us to be productive and enjoy modern conveniences. However, it can also be hazardous if not properly managed. One risk present in a lot of older houses is aluminum wiring. If you suspect you have aluminum wiring in your home, it’s important to contact us to assess your situation. Our finest technicians will come and inspect your wiring to determine if there are safety hazards. We have the skills needed to replace or repair your aluminum wiring to make sure it operates as safely as possible.

Calgary’s Electrical Experts

At Ampt Over Electric, we’re full-service commercial and residential electrical specialists providing top-of-the-line installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our team strives to deliver superior quality, professional, and prompt service. When it comes to offering our electrical services in Calgary, we can handle any scope of project. Call us for service: 403-862-1782.

Electrical Services Calgary

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Electrical Services Calgary

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